2018 A Dark Age Has Begun Again

The year is 2018 and with sadness I am looking around and seeing occult and dark forces everywhere from media to books and television, people may not be aware but there has been this battle going on for centuries however the dangers are ever increasing. As the pope in Rome quoted the devil is a real person and charms you in.

People are being mislead and the darkness that surrounds us cannot be underestimated as a reader of this blog I am sure you are one of the few that wishes to remain in the light however with what is happening around us this battle is going to be hard fought and people wiling to use dark occult forces is growing just look around on Twitter and the internet and you will see the grip of evil is ever widening and needs to be halted.

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Published byWhite Magic

I am here to spread the white light and help people lead healthier and happy lives I dedicate my work to God and his representatives here on Earth.