Tantriks Friend Or Foe

1459136You will no doubt have seen adverts and spam all over the internet about Tantriks and Yogis who claim to help you cure your problems many of them for money and funnily gold medal award winners, there is no such thing as gold medals in black magic cures.

Then there are others that specialize in a particular religion these are mostly bogus and opportunists you can recognize their businesses as they advertise and it is all about money.

Now there are a select few and I mean in the handful all over the world that are the real deal and their knowledge is in the tantrik arts they instantly recognize your problems and can get rid of them most important of all they do not charge money unfortunately they are hard to find which is why this particular website was founded.

Even tantriks that claim to cure black magic for free will end up asking for money claiming if you dont pay then your family etc will suffer so you must be very wise in choosing help as the tantrik circles are filled to the brim with fakes.

Can a so called magician cure a health problem

What you must understand is they are tantriks and not doctors so if you ever see advertising especially the ones that claim we cure every ailment except death then you are likely going to get duped. There are also a new breed of black magicians that are internet savvy and remote cure you this is not doable and is highly recommended against.

Witches & Tantriks

Witches are the western equivalent of women tantriks however they differ in that tantriks use Indian and Arabian knowledge to practice black magic and witches veer towards paganism which is more directed towards practices which involve nature however they do both seem to get results but only the small minority who really know what their doing.

There is a danger in using either of these to remove bad magic against yourself in that they can bind you to them in essence that means they trap you in their world and you become reliant on them to keep yourself and your family safe and in no way is it easy to get rid of these people once you have them in your life.

That is why I always suggest you look at if there is an alternative explanation to the problems you face in your life and if there is a plan b rather than approaching a tantrik.

Indian Tantrik Tries to Kill Man on Television with Black Magic

Here is an interesting tv reality show about one of Indias top black magicians attempting to kill somebody on a reality show in order to show that black magic works but it was just a myth like 99.9% of the people out there who claim to cure this type of thing the interesting thing to watch is how convinced the tantrik was that it was going to work a little disturbing is an understatement when it came to this situation.

Indian Tantrik Tries to Kill Man on Television with Black Magic | JONATHAN TURLEY.