Below are a few experiences collected from people about their first hand experience of black magic


As a teenager, I had a spiritual crisis after attending catholic schools and growing up in a strictly Christian household. Much to the dismay of my parents, I became curious about Wicca and witchcraft in general. It wasn’t long before I began to dabble in the religious aspects, and soon thereafter, the practice itself. Ultimately, the risk and intensity of practicing any sort of magic proved to be too much for me. To this day I continue to embrace many of the views of the Wiccan religion. I have heard many a cautionary tale about misuse of magicks. Now in my mid-twenties, I’m grateful that my younger self was able to make the distinction of what was overstepping the bounds of an otherwise peaceful and accepting religion. Sometimes it’s difficult not to wonder where my life would have led me if I’d chosen a more direct path into the darker side of witchcraft.


I once held a copy of the Necronomicon in a library. I felt an instant chill and a wave of nausea come over me. I dropped the book and walked away.


It happened nearly two years ago,my friend went through a brake up and called a so called magician that through magic and some connection to the universe could have made her return.He asked to buy a pack that consisted of a statue a piece of paper charcoal an oil and a candle and give him a paper with the instruction of what to do.He was saying strange things burning the paper with the name in a strange manner and with candles and the magician saying strange things and breaking pots was a strange experience.Finally he put the dust from the burned paper put it inside a container and asked to sprinkle the dust in front of the girls door.I felt scared as hell.In this case they went back together but i don’t know if its any way connected to this magical spell or not.I do have the candle cause my friend asked me to keep it.


I have one experience with black magic. it was 6 year before when i used to work in my factory. one night i was sitting with my co worker then suddenly heard something heavy noise like stone pelting and when i checked everything i did not see anything.but after that day machinery started creating problem everyday.we have tried so many time to fix up the problem but next day again we were like in same trouble. Important thing that complete machine was 4 month old purchased. then again i bought new machine instead of getting repair everyday.but same thing start happening with new one also.finally we had shut down the plant.we had faced heavy loss.somebody told us that it was black magic who ruined everything.


Growing up in Nigeria, Africa coming across black magic was an everyday occurrence. It was so common that everything that happens can be attributed to some sort of black magic or the other. The last one I witnessed before coming was when two guys were fighting in the streets and one of them tried stabbing the other guy with a broken bottle. No matter how hard he tried to stab the other guy, the bottle would not enter or cause any body harm. This is common among thugs, its a way of protecting themselves so they dont get hurt while fighting. There are some that use the black magic to protect them from getting shot by guns. The bullets would not penetrate into them no matter how close or what sort of gun is used to shoot at them. Some others the more you hit at them, the weaker you get, while they get stronger. They are getting your energy each time you hit them.


My cousin is very big into black magic. She used to have extreme difficulty sleeping and tried everything under the sun to cure this issue. Nothing ever seemed to work. One day, while goggling, she came across a site on black magic and it’s healing powers.

She decided that she would give this black magic a try to help cure her insomnia. It didn’t work right away, but within a couple days, she started to sleep better and better. Now, a few months later, she is completely cured of her insomnia and is sleeping better than she ever has before.

From firsthand experience, I truly believe that the black magic that she experimented with cured her sleeping problem and now she can lay down at night without having to worry about being able to fall asleep.



I don’t currently believe in black magic – or any magic for that matter.  But when I was 15 years old, my brother was very much into it.  He was 17 at the time and was driving me to a nearby town.  A pickup truck raced up behind us on the road and began trailing us very closely as it waited for oncoming traffic to clear so he could pass.  My brother became very irate at the driver and was complaining to me.  When the traffic finally allowed it, the tailgating truck zoomed past us with a very disturbing, loud engine-revving noise.  My brother turned to the passing truck and began mumbling words that I didn’t understand.  The truck drove on out of sight in front of us.  I knew that my brother had a veritable library of black magic books, and I had watched him try to perform certain spells and incantations.  I asked him what he was saying when the truck passed, and my brother said that he was simply saying the words that were coming into his head.

A few minutes later, we approached the truck that had passed us.  It was on the side of the road with smoke coming out from under the hood.  At the time I was certain that it was the effects of my brother’s “curse” on the truck as it had passed.  Now that I am older, I know that it was probably a matter of a careless driver who pushed his vehicle too hard on numerous occasions.  At the time though, that coincidence was enough to convince me that my brother had caused the engine trouble through his knowledge of black magic.


I have a boyfriend whose mother died more than a year ago from leukemia. His auntie, who is his mother’s sister, practices black magic. Everytime he visits her, she always wants to have a little session with Kevin and every session she states that his mother is there with them and has left something for him somewhere in his house that he has to go find. Its a problem because he doesn’t know how to take it. He doesn’t know if he should move on or if he should continue to pursue the idea of his dead mother still lingering around trying to communicate with him.