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Daltonganj: A 54-year-old tribal marginal farmer was brutally thrashed to death for practising witchcraft by five fellow villagers, also tribal, at remote, Naxalite-hit Garhwat hamlet, 88km from Daltonganj and some 265km from Ranchi, on Saturday.

The killers, including a woman, are absconding.

Victim Indradeo Singh alias Godhar Singh was beaten up with sticks around 8.30am and left for dead after which he succumbed some time later, his widow Sunarwa Devi told the police. She said she could feel his breath for some time after which he collapsed. She tried to revive him with water but he was too far gone, she said.

Sunarwa, who in her FIR named the five accused – farmer Vishundeo Singh alias Teeru and his wife, Rameshwar Singh, Parmeshwar Singh and Bullu alias Baluwa – also told the police that the killers, barring the woman, had in the morning made her husband drink country liquor and also drunk it themselves. Then, they beat him up.

Manatu thana, 17km from Garhwat, has stepped up the hunt for the killers. Manatu OC Sanjay Nayak said, “The five accused have fled their houses at Garhwat and are in hiding. But we will trace them very soon.”

Palamau SP Indrajeet Mahatha SP Palamau clarified to the paper that the victim’s body was not burnt, as reported by a section of the media. “The body was intact and sent for post-mortem on Saturday evening. It was not burnt at all,” he said.

On accusations of witchcraft, a Palamau scribe said people in villages were quick to blame “black magic” for everything, including trivial things such as cows refusing to walk. “Ignorance and illiteracy of people are to blame for this superstition,” he said.

Source: Man killed for ‘black magic’ – Telegraph India

Kerala: Idukki murders only tip of iceberg as black magic, occult practices take over India’s most literate state – Firstpost

A huge demand for a law to deal with superstitious beliefs and occult practices echoed across Kerala last year, when a youth who was engaged in supernatural experiments brutally killed his parents, sister and aunt in Thiruvananthapuram. The demand has returned with renewed vigour 16 months after the ghastly incident. What has spurred the fresh demand is the murder of four members of a family in the hilly district of Idukki. Curiously, the victims are a sorcerer, his wife and two children, and the person who committed the murder is suspected to be his former disciple.

While the youth in Thiruvananthapuram is still not in an appropriate frame of mind to provide a credible reason for the crime, the police probe into the murder of Krishnan (52), wife Susheela (50), daughter Arsha (22) and son Arjun (20) at their home in Thodupuzha (Idukki district) indicates that Krishnan’s former apprentice, Aneesh had allegedly murdered the four in his bid to eliminate his mentor to regain the magical powers that he believed were rendered ineffective by the former through his own magical powers.

The police team investigating the murder came to this conclusion after questioning Aneesh’s accomplice Libeesh (28). Idukki district police chief KB Venugopal said that the information they extracted from interrogating Libeesh had revealed that professional rivalry between Aneesh and his former mentor had led to the diabolical murder.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

“Aneesh had acquired additional skills in sorcery from another practitioner of black magic after he learnt the basic skills from Krishnan. When the power did not work with his clients after he set up a separate branch, Aneesh believed that it was because his power was weakened by his mentor,” Venugopal said.

He said that Aneesh believed that by murdering Krishnan, he could get back his black magic powers. He also had an eye on the palm leaf scriptures that dealt with black magic practices besides the money and jewellery that Krishnan had in his possession, the senior police officer added. As the professional rivalry between the two grew, Aneesh hatched a conspiracy six months ago to eliminate Krishnan and sought the help of his old friend Libeesh to carry out the crime.

Aneesh, who was aware that Krishnan’s family was cut off from neighbours and relatives, arrived at the house during the night on 29 July along with Libeesh and struck down the family members one-by-one with a silencer pipe from an Enfield Bullet motorcycle, the police said. When the duo returned two days later, it found Krishnan’s son alive. They hit his head with a shovel to ensure his death. However, Arjun was not dead when his body was buried in a pit behind the house along with the other three. The police said that even Krishnan was buried alive.

The accused had slaughtered a black hen to ward off the police. However, the magic did not work. Both landed in the police net less than a week after the crime came to light. The brutal murders have once again turned the focus to the thriving black magic market in Kerala, which boasts of high literacy and progressive thinking. Psychiatrist Dr Mohan Roy, who assisted the state police in verifying the claims of the accused (in the Thiruvananthapuram family murder case) that he had murdered his family members as part of an experiment to “detach human souls from their bodies” said Kerala’s claim of progressive thinking was hollow.

He said a growing number of people in the state was coming under the spell of black magic and other occult practices. While people in advanced countries have started drifting away from religion, Keralites are going back to the primitive practices despite strong renaissance waves sweeping the state. “This is a sign of mental illness afflicting the population. The flourishing black magic market shows that the disease has assumed epidemic proportion. Both the people who seek magic remedy for their problems and the sorcerers who sell these remedies need mental treatment,” the psychiatrist said.

Black magic has been in vogue in Kerala from ancient times and no community is free from it.

According to a medieval legend, a Christian priest known as Kadamattathu Kathanar gained superhero status among the people through display of supernatural powers. Recently, even a bishop was found indulging in practices bordering on black magic and was suspended from the Church. John Thattungal made a young woman stay with him while serving as bishop at Kochi saying she had divine powers. He had taken the blood of the woman and blessed his house with it.

Many Christian cults are thriving in the state offering healing and divine solutions to the believers. ‘Spirit in Jesus’, a cult-like group that came up in the state in 1989 with the objective of saving mankind, gained a foothold across the world with a claim that it could ‘evoke’ the souls of the dead on the earth and free them of their sins. Devil (Satanic) worship is another form that is gaining ground in a big way in the state. The Satan-worshippers are trying to spread their net in the state by making fake claims that they can solve people’s problems and bring riches, besides destroying their enemies.

A similar cult that is popular among Hindus is Chathans, who have been practicing black arts for centuries for those seeking fortunes and relief from sufferings. The sect, that is based in Peringottukara village in Thrissur, worships a dark avatar of Vishnu as its deity. Most castes including the upper caste Nampoothiris in the Hindu community have been practicing black magic in different forms from ancient times. The Namboothiris used to practice sorcery in accordance with ancient texts.

Their origins lie in the combination of 12 spirits — of which six were meant for the propitiation of evil spirits and the other six for the good ones. Three well-known Nampoothiri magician families in the state are Kallur, Kattumatan and Akavoor.

Occult practices are also popular among Muslims. It is practiced mostly in the form of faith healing. The Thangal family, that claims to be direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad’s family, are popular religious healers in the community and traditionally hold reins of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a dominant political arm of the community. Dr Zubair, who is a medical graduate from Kozhikode Medical College, has been practising Islamic treatment saying that some of the disease are caused by evil forces. He also has a huge following in West Asia.

Former state police chief PJ Alexander said that black magic is thriving in Kerala because Keralites want easy money and quick solutions. He does not think that this can be checked through law. “Black magic will flourish as long as there is demand for it. The only solution to the problem is creation of scientific temper among people. Rationalists, who led several movements against superstitious beliefs in the past, have disappeared from the social space now,” he added.

KN Anil Kumar, president of the Kerala Rationalists Association, said its campaigns were not yielding result as sorcerers were more powerful and resourceful. They are luring gullible people through extensive ad campaign in the media, including television channels and social media. “At least a ban on the advertisements can check the menace to a great extent. The law introduced by Maharashtra government against superstition and black magic in 2013 has yielded positive results. A similar law is the need of the hour in Kerala,” he added.

Anil Kumar said Kerala will become a lunatic asylum as predicted by revered Swami Vivekananda if the state government does not intervene immediately in checking this evil.


Source: Kerala: Idukki murders only tip of iceberg as black magic, occult practices take over India’s most literate state – Firstpost

Spiritual healer accused of black magic speaks in Sydney court | Daily Mail Online

A spiritual healer accused of carrying out a black magic exorcism on a non-consenting man has told a Sydney jury he’s done the procedure on thousands of people in many countries.

Riza Morinaj got in the witness box on Monday, after the jury watched his recorded police interview in which he denied claims the man was held down, told him to stop and said the suction cups were hurting.

Morinaj, a French citizen who has lived in Australia since 2006, has pleaded not guilty to detaining the man in company, occasioning him actual bodily harm, in November 2016 at a Sydney home.

Riza Morinaj (pictured) says that he's performed a black magic exorcism, involving slashing a man with a blade, on thousands of people

Riza Morinaj (pictured) says that he’s performed a black magic exorcism, involving slashing a man with a blade, on thousands of people

The man, who cannot be identified, has testified he was held down on a bed when suction cups were placed on him and he was cut with a small blade after his relatives believed he had been a victim of black magic.

Giving evidence to the District Court jury, Morinaj said he was a therapist in Hijama, which he said was incision therapy called wet cupping done in the Islamic tradition.

‘Hijama was a practice recommended by an Islam prophet, especially as a remedy against black magic,’ the 39-year-old Melbourne Muslim said.

He received a diploma qualification ‘from a well-known British institute’ in 2013 and had treated 10,000 to 15,000 people in countries including ‘almost every nation’ in Europe, Asia and all Australian states.

The practice involved placing suction cups over the body and making small incisions so the toxins could be removed, he said.

Morinaj said he first contacted the man’s grandfather after a mutual acquaintance told him of problems with the grandson.

‘(The grandfather) told me since his grandson got married, things were not going well and he suspected he was under the influence of black magic due to his wife.’

A man did not consent to an exorcism involving a blade, a Sydney court was told            (Pictured: Riza Morinaj, who has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and assault)

A man did not consent to an exorcism involving a blade, a Sydney court was told            (Pictured: Riza Morinaj, who has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and assault)

In his police interview, Morinaj denied he told the grandson he was drawing out black blood which was ‘the evil’ when he placed the cups on him and read out the Koran.

He told the officer it was ‘completely absurd’ to say he forced the man to stay in the bedroom and forced the cupping procedure on him.

‘How could I force him?’ he asked.

‘It’s impossible to force anybody.’

He did not discuss the grandfather’s black magic belief with the man and he did not discuss what he was going to do or how he would do it.

Police asked if he had explained to the grandfather that he would be using the cupping.

‘Why are you making such a big deal about the suction cups?’ he replied.

The officer again asked if he specifically told the grandfather he would be using suction cups.

Morinaj said he probably did but he could not recall it.

The trial is continuing before Judge Helen Syme.

The case is continuing before the Downing Centre District Court (pictured), which heard on Monday that the procedure has been performed on 'thousands' of others

The case is continuing before the Downing Centre District Court (pictured), which heard on Monday that the procedure has been performed on ‘thousands’ of others

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Source: Spiritual healer accused of black magic speaks in Sydney court | Daily Mail Online

Large awakening taking place

There is an awakening taking place worldwide and this is causing disorder to those who are just about awakening to see the world as it really is and those trapped in the darkness of the dark age that was upon us. The tipping point has been reached where the worldwide public has awoken and those keeping the world down must join in or be left behind.

During this time we will see truths that have remained hidden revealed many of which people involved in the occult have been aware of however most of the worlds population is just waking up to the horrors the world has been subject to the last few hundred years and light is beating darkness and has won however the people that have kept the world in a deep slumber are struggling to hold their grip however this is no longer possible.

All of this awakening can be seen by the massive promotion of mental health services worldwide as evil and dark forces struggle with keeping the awoke asleep and just cant handle their grip being lost in the world.


2018 A Dark Age Has Begun Again

The year is 2018 and with sadness I am looking around and seeing occult and dark forces everywhere from media to books and television, people may not be aware but there has been this battle going on for centuries however the dangers are ever increasing. As the pope in Rome quoted the devil is a real person and charms you in.

People are being mislead and the darkness that surrounds us cannot be underestimated as a reader of this blog I am sure you are one of the few that wishes to remain in the light however with what is happening around us this battle is going to be hard fought and people wiling to use dark occult forces is growing just look around on Twitter and the internet and you will see the grip of evil is ever widening and needs to be halted.

If you require any type of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on the contact page and we will try to help as many of you as we can.

Tantrik held for black magic ritual on patient in ICU

A tantrik, who was detained for apparently carrying out wizardry on a female in the critical care unit (ICU) of Pune’s Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, has actually been sent to three-day cops safekeeping.

The tantrik had allegedly executed some procedure to heal a 24-year-old person suffering from breast cancer, however she passed away. After which, her family members held the tantrik in charge of her fatality.

Dr Sunil Chavan was treating the person at a private medical facility, but when her problem got worse, she was changed to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

The lady’s household affirmed that when Chavan was not able to cure her, he invited the tantrik, saying he trusted him.

The death took place in the Mangeshkar Healthcare facility properties, but the household required action versus the physician and also the tantrik, competing that she was recuperating at the health center.

The Indian capital of black magic and witchcraft

In northeastern India, there is a city with a mythological history even deeper than the Brahmaputra River that runs through it. Nicknamed “The Land of Black Magic,” the untouched, secluded village of Mayong holds one of the oddest magical backstories on the planet.
While some villages pass down the skills of farming or craftsmanship to the next generation, the elders of Mayong pass down sorcery and magic to the town’s youth.

Many speculate that the name “Mayong” originated from the Sanskrit word “maya”, which means “illusion”. This certainly seems to be the case in Mayong, where, according to legend, people have been morphed into animals, monstrous beasts have been tamed, and men have disappeared into thin air by uttering “Luki Mantra.”

Mayong has been India’s center for witchcraft and wizardry since its inception many centuries ago. In the early days of Mayong, legend has it, if you chanted “Uran Mantra” you would be able to fly through the air and land directly beside your true love.

According to legend, witches and the saints of black magic took shelter in the Mayong woods years ago. In 1337, Muhammad Shah’s army of 100,000 horsemen perished at the hands of witchcraft in a location near Mayong, evidence to the village’s locals of the high prevalence of black magic in the area. Excavators have even found swords in Mayong that resemble those used to sacrifice humans in other parts of India.

Mayong today is just as dark and eerie, but slightly more open, with the occasional traveller passing through town. The locals of Mayong offer palm reading to these visitors and claim to be able to predict the future with the help of broken glass and seashells.

Witch doctors are also abundant in Mayong. Local healers treat pain by placing a copper dish on the source of the injury and wait for the dish to “eat away” the pain. If the pain is too severe, the dish will overheat and shatter onto the ground. The witch doctors also serve as a lost and found in the town. If someone loses something, the witch doctor will place a flower in a metal bowl. According to the locals, the bowl will then move along the ground, completely on its own, until it reaches the location of the lost or stolen items.

There are a countless number of spells in Mayong, but, according to mythology, none of them have the power to change the weather. Says Naba Deka, a local to the area, “there are spells to turn a leaf into a fish, or an evil man into an animal, but magic cannot fight against nature’s fury, so there is no spell against the annual floods.”

Every year, a handful of Indians travel to Mayong either to practice dark magic and learn the secrets of witchcraft or to visit the adjacent Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which hosts the world’s densest population of Indian rhinos. In fact, the animals and magic of Mayong often go hand in hand. This can be seen at the Mayong-Pobitora Festival, which celebrates the fusion between wildlife and sorcery.

Black Magic spells, hexes, curses and bindings a warning before using

There is a very well known fact about black magic which tantriks acknowledge and that is if you use black magic spells curses and bindings you can expect it to come back over the course of your life and onto your karma. Although tantriks know this and expect a poor life after cursing people some even live with evil spirits they still do not warn and charge people to cure people.

If someone has harmed you a good tantrik will tell you to leave it to the gods and the person who is causing you misfortune will receive their fate so its better to avoid them in future and leave it to fortune.

Let this be a warning before practicing anything of the sort in future.

Man Reportedly Arrested for Casting Black Magic Spell on Al-Nassr


As reported by Mahra S. of Emirates 24/7 News, a “sorcerer” was detained at the clash between Al-Nassr and Al-Fateh—which Al-Fateh won, 2-1—after it was discovered he was in possession of black magic charms. The suspect was then “referred to the higher committee of investigations.”

“This story went viral on social media where many suspected that it is because of his using those magic charms, the famous and successful Saudi football team of Al-Nassr lost the match,” the story continued.

Mahra added that the club have been criticised in the wake of the arrest, with many suggesting that they are “trying to find excuses” for their failure.

Only Al-Hilal, with 13, have won more national titles than Al-Nassr, who have eight, in Saudi Arabian football, making them one of the biggest teams in the country. This season has been one to forget, though, as they’re languishing in eighth place in defence of the title they won last term.

The team did pick up an impressive 3-1 over Al-Orobah in their most recent outing. So perhaps they’ve overcome their problems after all.