Large awakening taking place

There is an awakening taking place worldwide and this is causing disorder to those who are just about awakening to see the world as it really is and those trapped in the darkness of the dark age that was upon us. The tipping point has been reached where the worldwide public has awoken and those keeping the world down must join in or be left behind.

During this time we will see truths that have remained hidden revealed many of which people involved in the occult have been aware of however most of the worlds population is just waking up to the horrors the world has been subject to the last few hundred years and light is beating darkness and has won however the people that have kept the world in a deep slumber are struggling to hold their grip however this is no longer possible.

All of this awakening can be seen by the massive promotion of mental health services worldwide as evil and dark forces struggle with keeping the awoke asleep and just cant handle their grip being lost in the world.


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Published byWhite Magic

I am here to spread the white light and help people lead healthier and happy lives I dedicate my work to God and his representatives here on Earth.