protection and prevention of black magic

So how can you protect and prevent any black magic from coming and attacking you ? It is possible to protect yourself from black by using a variety of methods promoted by religions and individuals that have experience confronting dark and evil black magic. First you should always ensure that it is indeed lack magic that is the cause, a doctor should always be consulted with the symptoms that present themselves only when everything has been ruled out by the medical establishment then should you attempt to contact a practitioner.

There are however methods of prayer that you can use at home based upon your religion many of these are easy to find via a simple google search on youtube. Depending on your religion there will be a scholar,priest or religious individual that offers free videos online for your particular religion.

All religions have prayers to protect from evil and these prayers are often very very effective if used correctly you must remember that these prayers have been used for thousands of years and known to work by those who use them.